Sneaking in ‘free’ bath products from hotels is something most of us have done or atleast witnessed. Though we don’t say it out loud, we have all been there, done that. I consider it as a “well-known secret”. 

The movie Sex and the City – Part 2, though it had a weak storyline and several poor reviews, is one of my favourites. In the movie, the four women head off to Abu Dhabi on a free PR trip, where exploring the culture and location fills up most of the plot. They are eventually asked to check out from the hotel in an hour or else pay an obscene amount for the luxurious stay. While packing everything frantically, Miranda rushes to the bathroom, sweeps in all the bath products into her bag and shouts, “I have got the bath products!”

The one in Friends where Chandler and a sugar-high Ross stay at an expensive hotel is a tribute to this ingrained habit in humans, though it is on the verge of being termed as ‘stealing’. They stuff inside their suitcase all of the complimentary products (already in the room and ordered via room service) to make up for the high room tariff. The scene where the suitcase bursts open, displaying all of its contents as they check out, had my ribs ache for quite a while from laughing.

I recently read an article that claimed that there is nothing wrong in taking it all home because it’s yours. None of it is ‘free’. It’s a part of the package that you are paying for! And if you are staying at a plush hotel, it’s highly likely that they might replace it all anyway before the next guest arrives. Such a relief!

So hold your head high and put on an innocent expression, instead of one that makes the staff wonder if you left a dead body in the room. There, you are all set to check out in style!