The other day I was out with my mom and we didn’t get time to grab lunch. So by the time our agenda for the day was completed, it was 5 pm and I started threatening my mom that I would eat her. We were on the way to a bakery to pick up some stuff for home, so I decided to find something there to calm the beast inside me.

As we walked back to the car, I saw an old lady sitting on the pavement, begging. My mom stopped in her tracks because usually she remembers to buy something for this lady as well and she forgot this time. So I just took out what I bought and gave it to her. She was very happy, I too felt happy despite the pounding headache. 

I know a friend who does the same when she sees such people. She buys a parcel of food and a bottle of water from a hotel nearby and gives it to them. It’s always better than the ten or twenty bucks we decide to spare for them. 

Money needn’t remain in their hands. There are bigger brains at play and these people are almost often just their tool for getting income. But food is something they can have for themselves or their families and one good meal can keep them alive for one more day.

So the next time you see someone less privileged, find a hotel or bakery nearby and buy them food. It needn’t be anything grand, we all are struggling in one way or the other. It just needs to be something enough to make their stomachs a little heavier and our hearts a lot lighter!

Picture courtesy : Pinterest