I have hated numbers from the day I set my eyes on them. I was terrible at Maths throughout school and it gave me enough and more nightmares. I even used to learn problems by-heart because I just couldn’t understand the logic. When I opted for Commerce stream after 10th standard, I had to choose an elective – Maths or Information Technology  (IT) or Psychology. IT was the immediate choice in my mind, but to my horror my parents wheeled me into Maths again because they felt its an added bonus when you head out looking for colleges. So this meant another two years of stress till I could kick it out once and for all. 

We arranged extra tuition classes because I needed everything to be dumbed down further for it to even enter my brain. Needless to say, when the final Board Exam results came, Maths had pulled down my percentage and damaged whatever good that had come by scoring great marks in the remaining subjects. Bonus, my foot.

So it’s safe to say that the tuition wasn’t of much use because the effort I put on that subject was the bare minimum (I hated it’s guts), but I was doing perfectly fine in every other subject. Thankfully (selfish for me to say), I had a very close friend, Joan*, who had the same toleration towards this subject and was with me for tuition as well. We endured the two years together.

The test papers the tuition sir put every week or so was an absolute misery because neither of us knew anything! We often gratefully accepted help from those around us to grind through these episodes. There were some others in our tuition who were pathetic like us, so they would get answers from the nerds around somehow and then pass it on. Sharing is caring.

One such day, the sir noticed the ‘sharing’ business and sure wasn’t ‘caring’. He shouted his lungs out. We were both stunned and I was in tears. He snatched our papers and tore it to shreds, kicking us out for the day! I have never felt so humiliated, not that my actions deserved any better. We did what we did to make sure our parents weren’t called for low marks, but surely that would have been tons better than this. 

The funniest part is, when sir tore our papers to shreds, many around looked quite sad and shocked. That was not because their friends were being roasted away to glory. It was because some of their papers were amongst ours as a part of ‘sharing’ and all of it was torn away. They had no clue what went where and how to start off again!

Though it was a horrible episode back then, Joan & I laugh about it everytime we meet!

*Name changed due to obvious reasons!

Picture courtesy : Pinterest