“I love you.”, the words lingered in the air briefly after it left his lips.

She turned to the left to look at the church, in front of which the car was parked. She said a silent prayer and turned back to look at him.

The moonlight filtered in through the windshield and made her smile shine brighter than he thought possible. 

That’s the vision he needed to see, all his life.

“I love you too.”, she whispered.

Her eyes never left his. He brought something to her face, distracting her. It glittered like the sun, even with the moonlight washing over it.

She looked at it and smiled. It was a dream they both shared.

“Shall I?”, he paused momentarily. She nodded.

As he leaned away, a thin gold chain fell around her neck. It carried a symbol that brought them their love, bond and protection.

The golden cross lay gently on her beating heart, binding their vows forever.

Picture courtesy : Pinterest