The professional course I decided to take up after school was very popular, but it did not have a college as such. There is a National body that conducts exams, classes (private classes were also available) and other support systems. Students were rushing into it because the future prospects it offered were very bright. 

My mom, however, was very adamant that I join college for an undergraduate program before I did anything else. She wanted me to experience that life because she enjoyed hers. I was apprehensive because this meant I would be well behind most of my friends who decided to take this course directly, skipping college.

But today, I am grateful to her. Though my progress, compared with that of others, was delayed by nearly three years, I have millions of memories that I still have nostalgic pangs about. No matter what others say about having had a wonderful class or batch or office that was “nearly same” as college, I know it wasn’t. I also sat for those private classes, completed internship and I know it’s not the same. College life can’t be replaced or replicated through other channels. 

To all those who decide not to go to college to “waste” time, I sincerely beg you to spare a part of your life for it. It doesn’t matter what course you want to do eventually. Even if you think college is a waste, give it a try because it’s just three or four years from the sixty to seventy years ahead of you. That’s very less, when you look at the big picture. 

I understand that some have the pressure to complete education as soon as possible to take up jobs to support family and I deeply admire those people for their choices. I feel proud when I hear about such people in our society. But to others, please don’t forfeit college for anything. 

The impact it has on your outlook, personality, education, friends circle and future is immense. It’s a chance to discover yourself. Right now you may not think it’s a big deal because you don’t know what you are missing or have missed. 

As a person who attended college and then pursued a professional course privately – I’m absolutely glad that I got my golden days.

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