​”Hey Jane!”

She turned around and saw Kevin cross the road. She waved back. 

“Wanna grab dinner?”, he asked, panting slightly. 

“Nope, I had mine early today at that place near the fourth cross road.”, she replied, patting her tummy.

“Oh, I heard about that place too. It’s getting popular. I’ll try there today then. And hey, I’ll be calling you later. I have some doubts about the economics assignment.”, he said.

” Sure, Kev. Go and have dinner first. That place gets crowded fast with our people”, I said. He laughed and jogged off, waving. 

Kevin found the place easily enough. He leaned against the brick wall, plugged in his headphones and waited. 

After a minute or two, a thin, nerdy guy came and sat under a tree, a little far away. He opened a book and started reading. 

“Hmm. Not a lot in him. A light snack it is then.”, Kevin murmured to himself, as he scanned the boy head-to-toe. 

He slowly headed towards the guy, putting on his best smile. It’s time to play with food.

Written in response to the Daily Prompt : Snack

Picture courtesy : Google