All of us have had our doubts and assumptions about almost everything when we were growing up. Add to it the harmless lies or fake explanations from parents, we are more confused than ever! When I was very little, I asked my dad why he has chest hair and I don’t. He explained that when he trims his moustache, that hair falls on his chest and grows there like plants do. I swear I believed that or chose not to question it for a very long time! My dad probably had a laugh and forgot about it too!

However, the most funniest assumptions and explanations everyone has are always about periods and babies! My cousin used to think there is some baby formula in the wedding cake and once the couple has the cake, they eventually have babies. If you have an elder sister, such confusion is very less because you have someone to run to as soon as you have a doubt. For others like myself, we have to ask our moms (if it’s a friendly relation) or ask the friends, who are probably as dumb as we are. I thought babies came from the stomach till I was seventeen! It came as a huge shock to me that it is not so! (Ouch, that hurts!) I recently had the opportunity to enlighten another cousin who was in her late teens about the same! She couldn’t believe her ears!

And periods, of course, is blue in colour, thanks to the numerous sanitary napkin ads on TV. Most of the little brothers in many homes are often given the explanation that the sanitary napkins are used to wipe off spilled ink! They nod in agreement, relating it to the ads, and walk off, content with themselves! They sure are in for a shock sometime later!

Most parents are also taken off guard when these questions pop up and find it awkward to give the actual explanation. Even in the cases they do, our little minds perceive it differently. A good example for that is the case of another friend who got a real scare when she was little because she didn’t properly understand the working of the body that was explained to her. She thought that sperms would walk at night with their little legs and run to her to get her pregnant. She probably kept a good watch every night for those little-legged creatures!

It’s all funny when you look back. And this is not going to change ever. Every generation, despite their exposure towards information these days, has their own set of assumptions, theories and explanations, that falls apart with time. Innocence sure has its own beauty.

Picture courtesy : Pinterest