“Okay, how’s it!?”, she asked excitedly. Her eyes gleamed in excitement.

“Wow. Just wow. It’s really amazing. You have improved so much!”, I exclaimed. 

She hopped in joy and punched the air. 

“How good is it? Tell. Tell. I wanted it to be extra special, as it’s our anniversary today.”, she squeaked, which she always did when hyper.

I couldn’t help but laugh at her antics. 

“It’s very good. I can’t wait to finish it. But you seem tired honey.”, I replied. I notice her messy appearance, traces of every spice was there on her t-shirt. I wondered what the state of the kitchen was.

“I’m alright! I’m going to take a bath though, I’m all sweaty from toiling in the kitchen. I’ll have it once i’m back.”, said my drama queen as she walked off, proud of herself.

As she runs to our bedroom, I slowly head over to the kitchen and dump the contents back into the saucepan. I light the stove. I stare at it, amused, wondering how to make it edible before she comes back!