I am breathing fire. 

I want to throw things and break them. Maybe just stomp on them once more to make sure it’s really broken. 

I am annoyed for no reason. So if you say something to purposely annoy me, well, good luck! 

I have the water works all prepared and set to flow as and when they please. I might even cry if I feel the cat isn’t giving me enough attention!  

Doom & gloom surrounds me even though it’s a freaking, joyous week. “Mom! I’m gonna go take a walk in the park with negativity! I’ll be late!”

“You don’t love me like before! I hate– wait, is that for me? Aww. You are such a sweetheart!” 

Why did that plant’s leaves touch you? I’m jealous. “Burn, plant, burn!” 

“I am a pest, aren’t I? Oh, wait, did you just agree to that?”

Why is she lecturing me? I know that ice-cream is not to be had for breakfast, but I can and I will.

And fair warning, don’t blame me for anything.

Hormotions’ (Hormones+Emotions) always gets the better of me.

Someday. Someday, I shall conquer PMS. 

Picture courtesy : Pinterest