When I was little, my mother had to literally drag me by the neck everyday to my room to study. I was never the studious type. One day, my mother was truly fed up of me and she casually remarked something along these lines, “If you don’t study well & get a job, no one would come to marry you!” It struck home. She knew how I loved weddings, but I don’t think she expected it to have the impact it did. But whatever works! School books didn’t seem so miserable then on.

Even at such a young age, like many out there, I was fascinated by weddings and the institution of marriage. I mean I only knew the rosy side of it (still the same!) from the chick flicks & rom-coms. My own wedding was a dream I couldn’t wait for. I always imagined walking, hand-in-hand, with my husband to Mendelssohn’s wedding march (Mr.K, please take note).

With less than a month to go for the big day, I am telling you, if there is one wedding you cannot freely enjoy like you expected, it’s yours! The shopping & hogging is fun, but anxiety can get the better of you at times. If you have an entire team of people or an agency planning things for you, it’s a different story altogether. For others like myself, wedding means a to-do list that fills a two hundred page, king-size notebook, cover to cover. The tick marks against the list appears at a turtle’s pace. And if the notebooks aren’t enough, we have sticky notes appearing all over the fridge as well.

Having said all that, I don’t know what me, my mom, aunts, friends & cousins will talk about or do once the wedding is done. My poor father has turned into a fully qualified chauffeur & ATM. My brother is now allergic to anything bridal, even wedding related words can trigger it. 

My roommates/cousins whatsapp groups have a steady inflow of pictures of wedding attire trials, bridesmaid gown patterns, honeymoon plans and what not! For nearly a year, all of us have been talking, eating, drinking and breathing ‘wedding’. We ladies have shamelessly, endlessly raided pinterest and every available platform. Our galleries are stuffed with anything bridal that’s useful & useless. Delivery boys from online sites have become frequent visitors in all our homes and they can qualify as family if this were to continue for a little longer. 

Though I can’t wait to happily bug Mr.K for the rest of our lives, it sure is going to be one hell of a hangover. I am truly going to miss being the bride-to-be!

Picture courtesy : Pinterest