“Okay ladies, I can feel it. Tonight’s the night I meet my soulmate.”, Christina declared, her eyes scanning the thronging crowd.

The two of us laughed at her enthusiasm. This must be the search for her fifth candidate.

“I agree. Thank God, we came for the wedding. There is no better place to screen so many hot guys at once.”, agreed Lydia. 

Lydia nudged me and continued, her eyes not leaving the crowd, “Anne, you have got to find a guy today. You haven’t been with anyone since Alex. It has been too long!”

“What can I do! I just don’t find anyone who is my type! I don’t feel the butterflies and I sure as hell don’t want it to be Alex, Part – 2!”, I whined for the hundredth time. 

I continued, “Girls, I’m going to remain calm. I will meet mine when the time is right. I’m not desperate.”, I said determinedly. They let out frustrated sighs and moved to their preys in a jiffy

I watched them walk away and I was immersed in my thoughts. Alex was an amazing guy. Maybe I am being ungrateful or there is something wrong with me, I thought to myself.

I sighed and turned around for a change of scene. 

I saw a pair of light, brown eyes observing me. Suddenly, I felt the whole zoo in my stomach.

She smiled at me. She was beautiful.

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