My phone has a permanently set alarm at 7.15 am these days (it’s the break of dawn according to my biological clock). I jump up as soon as the first notes of the jarring tone emanates. I finish off the morning ablutions and present my smiling, groggy face in the kitchen or wherever everyone is. I swear, if my own mother saw this, she would faint then & there!

A month ago, I had a living, breathing alarm – my mom and I used to ‘snooze’ her every 10 minutes or so, for atleast half an hour. By the time I wake up, my mom would already have finished her toils in the kitchen and I would have to find ways to avoid her scorching glares. Luckily, she would forget it soon. I always had a plethora of excuses set and ready, to evade every plan of hers to teach me cooking. Even my dad had given up the hope of having breakfast prepared by his daughter atleast once. As the wedding edged closer, I pulled out my trump card – “I’ll be leaving home in a few days’ time…..” This worked like a charm, my mom and dad kept mum then on. They love me too much. Ain’t I evil?

So if they see this new me, they would probably claim that i’m a doppelgänger and start the lookout for their daughter. Having said that, this doesn’t mean i’m cooking up a storm over here. All I do is give a stir here and a poke there. Mr. K often jokes that I should be paid fees for “overseeing” the kitchen activities. Observation (clueless) & Communication (gossip) are mostly what I indulge in. Nevertheless, I’m atleast up & about everyday in the wee hours of the morn (according to me), so that surely is something (patting myself on the shoulder proudly). The credit for this should probably be given to the presence of my new mommy and the bits and pieces of pre-marital advice from my mom that had stuck to my brain (unintentionally, of course).

My MIL is quite understanding & flexible, but even then I find myself anxious at times to be my best. This is probably because all indian women have been brought up with certain values drilled into their heads. The most common one being – “Behave properly, you are expected to be married off to a new family in future.” 

Of course, I was mostly taught to be independent for my own well-being and definitely not raised purely for marriage like old times. But this is a notion present in society, one that you hear often, so it tends to get deeply ingrained. And when you can’t live up to your own false expectations, anxiety sets in!

However, one can’t transform one fine day. So I believe that it’s only a matter of time till the lazy, little devil in me jumps out. I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

Picture courtesy : Pinterest