I am so swamped with full day classes these days that I barely get time to do anything else but study & sleep, when I’m back home. Mr.K also had a busy week at work and we barely had a life. So one night, he suggested throwing my books & his laptop away for a while and going out for dinner. When Food (and Mr.K) calls, you just can’t ignore it.

When we reached the place, parking the car was a little tricky as the other cars were parked haphazardly. So he told me to get out while he parked the car closer to the curb. While I waited, I got momentarily distracted by a text I got and when I looked up, our car was nowhere to be seen. I assumed that he went to park it further away or take a turn to come back to park at the newly vacated space I just noticed.

I kept my eyes peeled for the familar white car to make an appearance. For reasons not known, my mind did not instruct me to go inside and wait for him. As I waited, I noticed two men walk out from the hotel to get into the cab that was waiting for them, just near me. Their eyes ran over me, head to toe, as they walked over. I was suddenly not comfortable standing there anymore. (I still did not venture inside, I prayed for Mr.K to come back fast). I didn’t want to move anywhere without him, I was anxious.

I ignored the men and pretended to check something on my phone. A hissing noise caught my attention and I saw that it was from one of the men. I saw that he hadn’t shut the front door of the cab. He sat there, staring at me, as if he was waiting for me to join him. I still can’t forget the glint in his eyes. 

I turned my head, I felt sick. I started moving towards the hotel. My legs felt like jelly. Thankfully Mr.K came right on cue and blasted my ears off for not having the basic common sense to wait inside. I somehow mumbled what happened and I got more from him. I was numb. I felt sick to my stomach.

Was I asking for it? Like they always say? 

I was clearly waiting for someone, on a well-lit main road. A security guard was around too.

Was I dressed inappropriately?

No. Atleast, not according to me. A loose, faded shirt, jeans & zero makeup. Like some godforsaken soul once pointed out, I don’t know if wearing jeans meant you were asking for it.

According to some, going out late meant you were asking for it. Was it too late?

No. It was just 9 pm and I was on the curb of a main road full of traffic.

I don’t know what it is with men that makes them behave this way. Why can’t he remember that I could be somebody’s wife/daughter/sister/mother, just like the people waiting for him at home (if such a soul even has one).

I was alone, so what? What if I was really just standing alone, for no reason, waiting for no one. How does that give anyone the audacity to make advances as such?

I was shocked by this tiny (in context to what’s happening all over the world) incident, so I can’t imagine how girls manage to find the will to stand tall again after experiences that are a hundredfold worse than this. 

I bow down to you all. My prayers are with you.

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