We have often come across clichèd dialogues in movies or novels that go along the lines of, “I would die for you. I love you that much!” Is that really a sacrifice?

Keeping aside fake or failing relationships with ulterior motives, I think surviving the loss and living with the agonising loneliness is the real struggle. Let’s say the partner gives up his or her life for you, I agree that it takes utmost courage to walk upto death voluntarily. But now that he or she showed the depths of his love through this sacrifice, how do you expect the other person to survive, knowing that the most caring, selfless person he or she could have had is gone? They lose their grasp on life itself.

Say, a minion of the Angel of Death appears in front of you and tells that you have to choose between two options – Your partner dies or You die in his/her place. What would you pick?

If I choose to sacrifice my life, I know that my partner would be devastated and lonely to rise again in life on his or her own. So isn’t it all the more noble to let the minion take your lover’s life, so that he or she may be spared the heart-wrenching pain of separation?

How do we make that decision?

As selfish as it may seem to a shallow mind, a decision to save yourself can be perceived from a different angle as this. It is not as simple as it seemed.

So then, isn’t that the true sacrifice?

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