This incident happened few days ago and it is only now, after persistent nagging and pledging eternal servitude, that I got the permission to write about it.

I have always loved Kinder Joy. I have often been looked at with pity by many when I display childlike excitement on seeing one. I strongly feel there is no age limit for any chocolate (or toys, for that matter) out there. Thankfully, Mr.K feels the same way. I am always particular that we buy Kinder Joy for boys and girls, even though both are identical for all purposes and intents except for the toy inside and the colour of the packaging. He could only have the blue eggs while I had the pink ones.

He succeeded in opening his packet way before I opened mine as I do not have nails. I opened mine soon after and starting scooping pure joy out of the egg. He happened to glance at my chocolate and exclaimed, “Hey, you too have two balls (of chocolate)? I thought it’s only for boys.” Pun unintended.

I stared at him incredulously. For a second I thought he was joking. But he wasn’t. He hadn’t bought pink ones for himself before, so never got a look at it.

I almost screamed at him, “Did you actually think the two round chocolates represent that, especially in a chocolate meant for kids??????”

I swear, the human mind works in the most confusing ways.

Picture courtesy : Pinterest