“When will the car come, daddy?”, she asked eagerly.

“Soon. But first you have to pick the colour! Only then will I buy it. It has to be your favourite colour.”, he said over the phone.

The little girl was at her grandparents’ home with her mom. She was always excited to talk to her dad over the phone every other day.


“Pink isn’t available dear.”


“Not there.”








“No dear.”

She ran out of colours.

“What colour did I miss, daddy?”

“You missed white.”

“Okay! White?”

“Yes! That’s available! So we have a colour now. I will tell them tomorrow itself.”, he replied, probably amused.

The toddler giggled in excitement and ran to her mom and grandparents and exclaimed proudly, about how she picked their car’s colour.

The truth was, dad had already placed the order a month ago.

– True story.