It would be a blatant lie if I were to say that we weren’t expecting this little visitor. We were waiting & just didn’t know when God would send the little one into my already fat tummy.

So one morning, I took the test while Mr. K was happily snoring away. It was negative. I went about my way and came back to dispose the test and saw that there was a very faint line next to the dark one (which is always there). I was clueless. You can either be pregnant or not be pregnant, you just can’t be a ‘little pregnant’! As always, I ran to Google to vent out. He is so helpful! I found that the test needs to be retaken in a few days’ time for it to mean anything. Great.

I decided not to tell K. I had always fantasised how to break the news, each plan more stupid than the previous one. So I carried the secret around for two days. Being such a blabbermouth, especially to K, it was agonising to keep mum. I retook the test and the line was darker. O-K-A-Y, so I was pregnant. But since I was a negative person to the bones, I thought not to tell K before it was confirmed by a living being, rather than by a device.

I tried to squeeze in an appointment before work. K is always so interested in my daily plans that I just couldn’t escape from home a little early by lying about a sudden work requirement. He was too lovey-dovey that morning, stubbornly insisting on dropping me to the bus-stop, which was far away from the hospital I planned on going to. Why, Why, WHY?

I couldn’t see a doctor before work, thanks to him. I had to work my way through the day, with the unconfirmed secret nagging inside. I decided to try seeing the doctor once more, after work. I left office to make the call & it wouldn’t go through as I tried to take an appointment again, it was as if the universe was against me. I decided to go directly to the hospital to see if someone was available & booked a cab. As I waited, K called me. He was able to leave work early and wanted to meet me halfway to pick me. Of course, of all days, he had less work that day! How typical! I couldn’t lie about working late because he could hear the traffic through my call.

I tried to evade him by giving all kinds of excuses – shopping, meeting a friend and what not! In hindsight, I think he wasn’t convinced because of my poor lying skills and that’s why he went on to suggest movie/dinner plans. Once the direction of the conversation started escalating to a row, I gave up. A fight was definitely not where I wanted the day to end up in! So I told him OVER THE PHONE, BESIDE A DUSTY ROAD, AMIDST BLARING HORNS –

“I think someone is calling us Dad & Mom from inside. I need to confirm it with an appointment.”

I don’t think anyone has told the news in such dull, drab way ever. I was so mad at him & myself. So much for planning & dreaming! I think he was dumbstruck because I did not hear anything for a short while from the other end. I waited. He somehow found his vocal cords and asked me where I wanted to go and went ahead of me to get an appointment.

Being a person who relished being independent, who found joy in being able to do things on her own, I married a person who loves the opposite, doing every possible thing FOR ME. What a match! I wonder who our girl takes after, I need to wait & watch.