Nausea is a nasty, little creep. But it will always be outmatched by its counterpart – Morning sickness, which I never had. Thank God for that! I have heard that you normally have the symptoms your mom had while she was pregnant. In my case that was true, neither of us threw up even once.

One aunt I know asked me, “Do you feel like throwing up when your husband comes near you?”. I was taken aback by the question, laughed a lot too imagining throwing up at K everytime he walked in. But apparently it does happen to some women, my neighbour vouched for it. After she got pregnant, whenever she saw her husband or got his smell by chance, she used to gag!! She couldn’t stand him till delivery was done with. I think it happens both ways, either your gag or you become too clingy. The latter was what happened to me.

K often found me following him around the house for no reason, like that pug in the old Hutch ad. Since I normally love being holed up in our bedroom alone, I did warn him that the antics I exhibit may vanish after delivery. That’s another good thing that comes with pregnancy, you can blame it all on hormones! Sudden tears are annoying though, I felt it made me very vulnerable to my emotions. K used to joke with people that while going in our car, if he puts the right indicator and turns left, I would cry. But believe me, that’s stretching truth to the breaking point.

Till nausea appeared, giving up junk food was the saddest part for a foodie like myself. There were days I had to sit and glare at K, who had plopped himself on the sofa with an order he got via UberEats or Swiggy. Nausea helped me overcome my craving for food altogether. It helped me shed some of that hideous flab.

Even after nausea went away, I had to consciously monitor what I ate. And post pregnancy, I don’t think I’m as fat as I was then, provided you ignore the obvious remnant of my bump which probably does make one wonder if there is a second baby inside. FYI – No, there isn’t. I know this because it was a C-section, so they probably got everything out.

So ironically enough, pregnancy actually helped me lose the unhealthy pounds which I wouldn’t have lost otherwise! It truly is an unexplored method for weight loss.

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