The number of scans you have to do can actually freak out your family because in their times there weren’t so many. Most of them had just one or two scans done all through the nine months. Each upcoming scan makes you anxious because at every checkup prior to the scan the doctor tells you how important each one is and what is being checked.

I used to dive straight into google, read what kind of results are possible, what other moms had to share and what not. Yeah, I’m the paranoid kind. It’s surprising that my heartbeat wasn’t heard louder than anything else in the scanning room, everytime.

The first time you hear baby’s heartbeat is very special. That’s when it starts to feel all real. I remember feeling very overwhelmed. It was a new emotion, one I didn’t know I could possibly feel because I wasn’t the motherly type. I was still an overgrown, crazy kid!

The place where I used to go to get scanned had a T.V. kept on the opposite wall, so I could see whatever the radiologist was viewing. He would check everything, answer my fearful, “Is everything okay?” stare and towards the end he would show each body part by naming it out loud. I could never have enough of that! I was always in awe at each scan when I saw her hands, feet, head and even the backbone! ‘My God, I really have a little person inside of me!’ was my thought always. In one of the 4-D scans, I even saw the baby do a cycling motion with the legs and I was overjoyed. I was so eager to feel the first kick!

Despite the meticulous googling and overload of information, I missed looking up a word in my third month’s scan report. A jolly, ignorant me went for the next appointment with my report and my doctor advised rest. Rest meant – no long distance travel, no lifting heavy things and to avoid even short bumpy rides. That was a blow!

Suddenly, I had to quit my job, be aware of my every move and be stuck at home. Our babymoon plans went out the window and I couldn’t travel home like I used to. These were the first few changes in lifestyle.

Pregnancy and Parenting means a lot of sacrifices – or so I was told from the beginning. It was repeated to me again and again whenever I whined. But looking back now, boy, if only I knew how I was only getting started with those!

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