I am kicking myself for forgetting to include the tiny gift (is it?) my mom possesses, in my first PWW post.

From time to time, my mom would have dreams of a baby playing, cooing etc and sooner or later, she would get a call from one of her cousins or relatives saying they are pregnant. Initially my dad thought it’s mere coincidence, but this kept happening again and again. It ended up being a rare fun experiment. She would have a dream and the next morning we would take guesses at who it could be. Now this doesn’t happen everyday or every month or every year. But when it happens, someone is pregnant. But hey, she doesn’t dream a baby for every single pregnant cousin or relative! There is no fixed pattern to it, the dreams occasionally happen.

I never gave much thought to it, until I got married because suddenly I was also a candidate! After that, I remember she called me once to say she dreamt a cute baby. I got a mini shock because I wasn’t trying! My dad had his fingers crossed because he was looking forward to it from the day I got married! I ran to the medical store almost immediately. But it wasn’t me. Phew.

Even when we started planning for one, I used to check routinely during the beginning of every month. November beginning gave a negative result. My mom called me few days later to tell me she dreamt a baby twice. I got this feeling that it was me, so I decided to do the test again and it was true. The earlier test probably didn’t show because it was too early to be detected. I had mentioned in my post ‘Realisation’, how the line was very faint because I was early along in my pregnancy.

I wouldn’t have picked up another test kit that soon if it wasn’t for her dream. I would have known about Miss.T much later only.

I know it’s hard to believe, there is probably no logic and could easily be coincidence. Whatever it is, it sure is fun to guess who the next, new mommy is!

Picture courtesy : Pinterest